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Is homo florens a cosmopolitan?

PhD research at the University of Humanistic Studies

Leading culturally diverse teams: 

a humanistic perspective

Leading a global team is not easy. It requires intercultural competence to lead such teams effectively, which basically means being able to recognise, understand and appreciate individual and cultural differences and similarities. Add some flexibility and adaptability in the mix for even better results.

Yet what is good leadership in a global context? Is it getting the team to perform, reaching goals, KPI's, increasing company profit? Or could it be more than just being productive, and could global leaders contribute to creating value, for all stakeholders? Could leaders play a role in protecting human dignity and promoting  wellbeing?

In my PhD research I am taking a global perspective on the Humanistic Management Model to find out if homo florens truly is a cosmopolitan.

In cooperation with University of Humanistic Studies

1st promotor Prof. Dr. Patrick Nullens, University of Humanistic Studies

2nd promotor Prof. Dr. Robert-Jan Blomme, Neyenrode Business University

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Is homo florens a cosmopolitan?

EAPRIL Conference 2023

Belfast, Nov. 22nd 2023