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for leaders and members of intercultural teams

Cultural patterns provide people with the feeling of knowing what is good, right and what works. In intercultural settings of cooperation, such as global teams in multinationals, NGO’s or universities, a shared cultural set of values is missing. This leads to difficulty in building trust, a lack of predictability, misunderstandings, ineffectiveness, and sometimes conflict. Recognising and understanding each other’s cultural patterns of behaviour helps to prevent these unintentional negative consequences of intercultural cooperation. 

Welcome to Caleidoscope Academy

Watch this 1 minute video to meet Danaë, the founder of Caleidoscope Academy.

Increase your intercultural effectiveness

Reflect on your own cultural patterns

Become aware of your own cultural pattern and understand how others may perceive your behaviour. This is the first step in increasing interpersonal effectiveness at work. 

Appreciate different patterns of behaviour

People have a tendency to take their own cultural pattern as the norm and expect others to behave in a similar way. If they don’t, we tend to find this frustrating, strange, irritating. To be effective across cultures, make an effort to postpone judgment and look at others from an appreciative point of view. 

Improve performance

Knowing your own cultural pattern of behaviour and looking at others from an appreciative point of view, we can actually create opportunities from working with different cultural patterns. Reframe these 'abnormal' patterns as new and potentially useful. 

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About us

My name is Danaë Huijser. I am a business psychologist, specialised in intercultural organisational behaviour. I have more than 15 years of experience as a trainer and coach in multinationals as lead consultant and owner of CMC, Culture & Management Consulting. Caleidoscope Academy is our youngest brand, offering e-learning and virtual coaching to complement our in-company training and consulting projects.

Caleidoscope Academy aims to increase the effectiveness of team members and leaders in an intercultural context. We do this by helping you to recognise and understand cultural patterns, both in yourself and in others. Once we learn that our way is not the one and only, we can start to appreciate differences and learn from others.  

Test your cultural intelligence now, for free!

We tend to overlook the influence of cultural patterns on our behaviour at work. Culture is often perceived as ‘soft’ or at best an ‘invisible’ influence.

How aware are you of the influence of cultural patterns at work? Do you know how cultural patterns affect trust building, cooperation, communication and leadership? Test your cultural intelligence and find out how culturally savvy you already are.

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