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Increase your intercultural effectiveness

Recognising and understanding cultural patterns of behaviour is key when working in an intercultural setting. Every cultural pattern serves a need for making sense of the world. No one pattern is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. There is no universal best way, but there is a way that works best for you. 

Recognising and understanding cultural patterns is a cognitive exercise, but becoming effective in an intercultural environment takes practice too. You have to be able and willing to see beyond the self-evidence of your own behaviour, and learn to vary in your expression of behaviour, depending on what the situations requires. You will have to leave your comfort zone in order to broaden your behavioural repertoire.

Coaching can help you do just that.

Do you recognise these situations?

I am not sure how to adjust my management style to people with different cultural patterns, while remaining an authentic leader.

I would like to understand better what drives and motivates me, so I can find the best matching workplace.

I would like to improve my work performance while working in a team of people with different cultural patterns. 

Join the virtual coaching

Join the virtual coaching programme if you want to:

  • Learn about your personal cultural pattern and how you can be more effective across cultures
  • Focus completely on you and your business reality
  • Get access to the Personal Cultural Profiler and determine your cultural pattern
  • Get access to the Corporate Culture Scan and learn where you perform best 
  • Receive homework exercises before every session
  • Invest 9 hours in live online sessions with Danaë for € 1499,- (excluding VAT)

Coaching is always tailor-made. However, our coaching programmes do follow 6 fixed modules of 90 minutes each. This way we monitor quality and progress. 

The first three modules focus on self-reflection; who are you, what motivates you and what is important to you? You will be invited to fill out the Personal Cultural Profiler and determine your cultural pattern

In the fourth module, we zoom in on  your business reality.  You will receive access to the Corporate Culture Scan and learn where you perform best, and why. 

Depending on your personal learning goals, the fifth module will focus on improving intercultural competencies. Think of topics such as leadership, cooperation or communication.

Finally, in the sixth module, you will prepare a development plan including a GAP analysis with some SMART actions that you can work on yourself.

Coaching programme modules

Who are you

Biographical exploration

Who are you? Lifeline exercise. Focus on the past.

Motivators and drivers

Motivators and drivers

What drives you and gives you energy? What are you good at? What do you find challenging? Focus on the present.

Personal Cultural Profile

Personal Cultural Profile

What is important to you, what do you value?  Reflecting on personal cultural pattern. Focus on the present.


Corporate Culture Scan

Where would you perform best? What fits your values, motivators, drivers, strengths? Focus on the present and the future.

Improve performance

Improve performance

How can you improve performance? Focus on topics of interest, such as communication, leadership or cooperation. Focus on the future.
GAP analysis

GAP analysis and SMART actions

Align who you are and what you want with your environment, Explore the gap between your current and your desired situation and make a SMART action plan on how to bridge the distance. Focus on the future.