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Introduction to Deep Diversity

Recognising cultural patterns

Increase your intercultural effectiveness

In essence, we all have the potency to adapt to any cultural pattern. Yet in interaction with the people of the culture in which we grow up, we learn the dominant pattern of that culture. Hence we develop habits regarding how we perceive, judge and act.

We tend not to recognize we are doing everything from a certain cultural point of view, until we feel a tension in our interaction with our environment. This often happens when we encounter people with different cultural patterns. Only then do we realize how difficult it is for us to change our view, even if we wanted to.

In our trainings, we use a holistic view on human identity. We do not isolate i.e. one’s nationality as a ‘cause’ of behaviour. Instead, we take one’s entire cultural heritage as a starting point, which  is a combination of national culture, business, profession, education and many other influences.

Our trainings are especially appreciated because we do not label people. Instead we arouse awareness of participant's preferences and tempt them to be appreciative of those of others, while remaining authentic. We do this by stimulating self-exploration and building on strengths, using techniques such as creative perception and postponing judgement.  

Do you recognise these situations?

I would like to feel more confident when working with people with different cultural patterns.

I find it difficult to build trust with people who are unpredictable to me.

My manager and I don't share the same cultural pattern. How could we cooperate more effectively? 

My team members don't share the same cultural patterns. How can I help them communicate better?